Zoom’s rival Messenger Rooms!

In 2021, surprisingly, the video calling platform Zoom App is going to be a rival of the social media Facebook Messenger.

Video conferencing service platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams came to limelight just before the Corona epidemic hit in the early spring of this year and the lockdown began at the national level.

Records say that the Zoom app currently hosts millions of meetings daily. Which started 9 months ago with a call record of two people. Since then, the number of users has been increasing regularly.

However, after the arrival of Facebook’s video conferencing platform Messenger Room service, this popular app-based organization has to face some difficulties. Of course Messenger Rooms can be used completely free of charge. Where more than 50 participants can be hosted. One of which must be hosted from an active Facebook account.

And yes, according to Google Trends, the word zoom has emerged as the fourth most searched word of 2020.

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