Xiaomi presents the device that Apple could not launch


Xiaomi presents the device that Apple could not launch Many years have passed but Apple’s AirPower base has not been erased from our memory despite the fact that Apple canceled the project a year and a half after presenting it with the iPhone X. Now, more than 3 years have passed, Xiaomi just showed a very similar base to AirPower that allows you to charge several devices simultaneously just by leaving them on the base.

airpower xioami
Xiaomi has presented its own AirPower base

At its event today, Xiaomi has revealed that started working on this charging device when Apple gave up, that is, about two years ago. Even the company itself has shown an iPhone charging at its base during the event.

It seems that you can load up 3 devices at the same time with a power of 20W in each one, and for a starting price in China of less than 80 euros, at least in China.

The Xiaomi multi-device wireless charging dock features 19 coils built-in so that users can place their devices anywhere on the surface. Apple wanted to use up 30 coils in AirPower, but overheating problems forced the project to be canceled.

airpower xioami
The 19 coils of the Xiaomi «AirPower base»

Will Apple try again?

We are not clear that Apple is going to try to launch a device like this again, especially after the launch of MagSafe technology.

This ring of magnets that Apple has included in its iPhone allows safer and more direct wireless charging thanks to perfect alignment with the charger, so in essence you don’t need that many charging coils.

magsafe en iPhone
Magsafe on iPhone 12

Apple has of MagSafe chargers currently, including the MagSafe Duo which can look quite like the AirPower base. So we do not expect Apple to continue working on a basis like this one that Xiaomi has presented, it seems that the chosen solution is simpler and is called MagSafe.

That does not mean that Apple users can take advantage of this Xiaomi base as it will be able to charge the iPhone and AirPods wirelessly. We will see the price of this device when it launches internationally.

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