The ‘Twitter killer’ alone killed 9 people, finally the death penalty

A notorious Japanese serial killer known as ‘Twitter Killer’ has been sentenced to death by a Tokyo court. The court ruled on Tuesday (December 15). There are nine murder charges against this man named Takahiro Shiraishi. 

The 30-year-old man killed eight women and one man. He became acquainted with everyone who was killed at his hands through online social media.  

The Daily Mail reports that he sexually abused all the women he killed. Meanwhile, Takahiro’s lawyer has claimed that it was not right to sentence him to death. Because, his client killed those who spoke of suicide through social media and also had their consent to death. 

According to the Japanese national media NH, Judge Naukuni Yano said there was no consent to the deaths of any of the dead. It is a matter of deep sorrow that 9 lives have been taken away. Their dignity sank to the ground. He called the serial killings one of the most heinous in history. 

The father of a 25-year-old woman killed by Shiraishi said he would not forgive her even if Shiraishi died. Whenever I see someone my daughter’s age, she is mistaken for my own daughter. This pain will never go away. Give my daughter back. 

According to the Japan Times, in 2016, the police faced a hellish situation in front of Shiraishi’s house. More than 240 bones were found from his home. He kept these bones in different boxes. He also hid the bones in the cat’s feces so that no one could find them. 

His Twitter profile is also shrouded in mystery. There was a picture of a manga (Japanese animation) character with cut marks on his neck and waist. He also wrote in his own account, “I want to help people who are really in trouble.” The name he used in the profile is translated as ‘executioner’. 

Shiraishi wrote on his Twitter that there are many people in the society who have failed in their suicide attempts and are still suffering. Their words do not appear in any news. Message me anytime. 

435 people were present in the court when Shiraishi’s death sentence was being announced. Despite the fact that there are only 18 seats for the people to sit in the court, there is such a crowd to see Shiraishi. 

He met the first murdered woman on Twitter in 2016. He then helped her commit suicide. She later killed her boyfriend because she found out about it. In exactly the same way he killed seven other women. 

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