Shipwreck in Venezuela kills 20 immigrants

The bodies of 20 immigrants are recovered from Venezuela in South America. The migrants were crossing the ocean from Venezuela to Trinidad and Tobago.

The Venezuelan government said during a statement that 11 bodies had been found last Saturday (December 12). subsequent day, the bodies of two men and a lady were found floating. After intensifying the operation , the bodies of the remainder were also found.

The bodies were found near the Venezuelan coastal city of Guerrero.

Venezuelan authorities are investigating the matter and suspect that Guerrero’s criminal gangs could also be involved. Six people have already been arrested on charges of involvement in human trafficking. The administration is interrogating them within the incident of boat sinking.

According to the United Nations , about 4.5 million people have fled Venezuela since 2015 thanks to the social and depression .

Last year, two boats sank off the coast of Venezuela after heading for a neighboring country. The bodies were found seven nautical miles from the country’s Guerrero.

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