Mahiya Mahi missed that parade very much

Mahiya Mahi, the famous actress of Dhaliwood Princess. She made her big screen debut in 2012. Since then he has acted in more than a hundred movies. Mahi starrer ‘Nawab LLB’ will be released on December 16. The movie will be released on OTT platform ‘I Theater’.

Mahiya Mahi has played the role of a lawyer in the movie. Shakib Khan will be seen with him in the title role. Archita Sperchia is also in a special role. Mahiya Mahi is excited about this new movie directed by Ananya Mamun. He has taken part in a virtual campaign on the occasion of his release.

Regarding the release of ‘Nawab LLB’, Mahiya Mahi told Time News on Tuesday (December 15) evening, ‘It has been a very good film. OTT is coming to the platform, new pictures of Shakib Khan are coming. Although we are the people of the big screen. I like to see myself on the big screen, it feels good. ‘

Mahir is on a new journey on the OTT platform. He hopes that the Shakib-Mahi duo’s movie ‘Nawab LLB’ will be well received by the audience. Mahi wants to take a new experience of OTT.

How do you celebrate Victory Day? When asked, the heroine of Dhaka cinema said, ‘I used to go to parades in school life. I took part in the parade at the National Stadium till Class Ten. I used to go every year. Now that I am older, I miss that parade very much. Now I don’t understand how the national days go. Maybe if I watch the news or take part in an event, I can understand that. ‘

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