How to escape from the clutches of the ignorant party

According to the Dhaka Metropolitan Police, members of the Ajnaan and Malam party usually focus on Eid or any other national festival. They are so cunning that there is no way to recognize them. They are scattered in disguise in various vehicles including buses, trains and launches. Intoxication tablets are mixed with any food in a way that makes sense to the target person. When the passenger became unconscious, he looted everything and fell in a convenient place.

DMP also said that many times an unconscious person calls his close relatives on his mobile phone and demands more cash through bKash or any other means. Police further said that there are also female members with this gang. Many times they get into the vehicle as husband and wife. 

The suggestions of Dhaka Metropolitan Police to escape from the clutches of these cycles in Eid Yatra are:

1. If a stranger tries to get close to you unnecessarily on the way, don’t pay attention to him.
2. The person in the next seat will want to make friends with you and at the same time buy different foods (cakes, chips, soft drinks, chopped guava or pineapple, etc.) and ask you to eat. Don’t forget to eat that food.
3. Refrain from taking food from tong shops on sidewalks or at street corners.
4. Do not eat pickles, mangoes, cucumbers, guavas, etc. from peddlers or travelers.
5. Do not take any food like chocolate, ice cream, cigarettes while traveling by bus, train or launch. Nowadays, anesthetics may already be mixed inside the coconut through a syringe. So be careful about when and where you are quenching your thirst.
. If necessary, keep food or drink collected from home for a light breakfast on the way or purchase food from a permanent store.
. When driving on CNG, passengers refrain from taking any food from the driver and drivers from taking any food from the passengers.
. Keep cash or any valuables in safe custody along the way.
9. Trying to keep up with someone you know while traveling.
10. If any passenger on the side of the road falls ill, he should be immediately sent to the nearest hospital in collaboration with the persons concerned with the operation of the vehicle. Only a little help from you can save you from a big accident.
11. Inform the nearest police if the conduct of any person on the journey is suspicious.

A little awareness can save your life and property. Be aware of yourself, be aware of others.

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