‘Dear Orange’ stuck

It was said that the second movie of Bappi-Apu duo ‘Priyo Kamala’ are going to be released on the occasion of V-day . But the movie got stuck thanks to the objection of the censor board. this is often known from the sources of the film censor board.

Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar, a member of the censor board and president of the Bangladesh Film Directors Association, said, “We have made amendments to the film in several places. i can not say quite that. ‘

When asked, director of ‘Priya Kamala’ Shahriar Nazim Joy said, ‘The censor board has made some amendments regarding the film. thanks to which the movie isn’t being released on December 16. After correction, i will be able to submit it to the censor board again on 16th December. If i buy the censor, ready to |i’ll”> i will be able to be able to announce the new release date. ‘

Impress Telefilm has produced the film set against the backdrop of the Liberation War. Apu Biswas has played the role of Birangana in it. Bappi Chowdhury has played the other ‘favorite’ character. Besides directing, Joy himself has done the story, screenplay and dialogue.

Apart from Apu-Bappi, other actors have also acted in it – Sohail Khan, Sehengal Biplob, Azan, Mala etc.

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