Chaturbhuj held a free medical camp in Feni

The online organization Chaturbhuj has organized free medical camps and dental camps in Feni. The day-long program was held at Central highschool in Feni on Tuesday (December 15).

Feni Central highschool and Mediplus collaborated in organizing the camp.

More than 300 people including teachers, officials, employees, students and fogeys received free medical services at the camp.

Dr. Tanjir Mahmud Turin, medic , Department of drugs , Feni Diabetes Hospital and Dr. dentist were the doctors. Shihab Uddin Mahmud (BCS Health).

The camp started at 9 am and lasted till 4 pm.

Quadrangle is an e-commerce group. However, additionally to online business, the organization also does welfare work . They spend some of the organization’s profits on welfare work . This camp is organized as a part of it.

Saiful Islam, the headmaster of the varsity , said, “We are happy to possess such an occasion for the youth. because of Feni’s youth organization Chaturbhuj for organizing such an occasion . He further said that if our youth move forward in such activities, the country will move forward faster.

Farrukh Mahmud, co-founder of Chaturbhuj, said, ‚ÄúThis Chaturbhuj may be a joint effort of a number of our friends. The government’s call to become an entrepreneur inspires us. we would like to use some people through the quadrangle also as do welfare work . I hope you’ll be by our side. Such work on the quadrilateral will continue.

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