Anu of National Film Award winning ‘Matir Moyna’ is now a tea seller!

Tareq Masood’s movie ‘Matir Moyna’ has turned 18 years old. Readers will still remember Anu and Rokan, two characters during this internationally acclaimed film, including the National Film Award. However, despite the age of the film, nobody within the movie industry today remembers the story of Anu (Nurul Islam), who won the National Film Award for Best Child Artist.

That Nurul Islam now runs a tea shop in Kamrangirchar. Recently, it had been acknowledged that nowhere else in his life are the words ‘cinema, film, media’. He tore down the poster of the movie ‘Matir Moyna’. there’s no national award memorandum. Now he thinks ‘media’ isn’t for the poor.

Before the movie was released in 2002, Tariq Masood took her from a faculty for the underprivileged to his home. This producer chose him for acting. Matir Mainai, released in 2002, is his first full-length film. Although the assembly of the movie was over, Nurul was at the house of Tareq Masood. Other manufacturers also wont to come there. Nurul also asked them for work. Many said ‘I will give, i will be able to give’ and didn’t give him employment . Later, he thinks it’s better to go away the media and run a tea shop so as to satisfy the responsibilities of the eldest son during a needy family.

The job wasn’t done because the educational qualification wasn’t SSCO. He later started running a mobile shop. Later he also gave a drink shop. That too didn’t see the sunshine . visited Qatar too. His fortune didn’t return there. He was repeatedly defeated within the struggle of life and began the business by borrowing money from his relatives within the tea shop. But now albeit there’s a tea shop, there’s also a rent for the remaining three months and thereupon there’s a debt of about 90 thousand rupees.

Asked what a well known media outlet had done to commemorate the National Film Awards, he said, ‘What else will happen with the National Awards? Is there any price for this award during this country? If I had, i might have benefited! i do not introduce anyone as an actor. I feel ashamed of myself. ‘

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