1 month before the heart attack, the body gives these 5 signals!

You know, a month before a heart attack, the body starts to give some warning signals. Experts are talking about 5 such symptoms that if seen, they suggest contacting a doctor immediately. Let’s find out the symptoms-

# Abnormal physical weakness: This happens when blood flow is reduced and blood circulation is obstructed. This is one of the main symptoms of heart disease when fat builds up in the blood vessels and weakens the muscles.

# Drowsiness : Dizziness also occurs when the blood flow in the body decreases. Dizziness occurs when blood flow to the brain is reduced.

# Cold Sweat: When blood flow is reduced, sweating will feel damp and cold.

# Chest pain: If you feel pain in chest, arms, back and shoulders, contact a doctor immediately. Chest pain and contractions are a major symptom of heart disease.

# Shortness of breath:This type of problem occurs when there is not enough oxygen and blood supply to the lungs. If there is a heart problem, the blood flow to the lungs decreases. Problems such as shortness of breath or shortness of breath are seen.

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